In depth consultation with a doctor is key to a customized hearing solution. Our commitment to professional follow-up care means greater freedom through better hearing.

Follow-up Care

Minnesota Audiologist

While our patient care will be unique to each individual, you can expect to meet for several follow up appointments after your fitting to ensure that you are receiving the maximum benefit of the devices you have chosen. These appointments allow us to narrow in on how hearing aids perform in your real life, and your feedback is key in programming the technology to best suit you.


With Our Follow-Up Care You Can Expect

Hearing Aid Cleanings

Routine cleanings & Checks

Hearing Aid Repairs

Adjustments & In-office Repairs

Wax Removal

Annual hearing tests & upgrade options

Convenient daily hours offered to our patients, so they can get back to what is important in their lives.

Hearing Care Walk-In


Monday/Wednesday - 11:00am-12:00pm

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday - 1:00-2:00pm


Walk-In Hours are reserved for the following services:

Routine clean & check for hearing aids

Assesing damaged aids & completing in-office repairs

Picking up supplies - batteries, filters, domes



We reserve these hours daily for our patients because they have proven invaluable for offering service in a way that fits the needs of of the people we serve.