Hearing Links

Personal Protective Equipment: The Basics eCourse

Canadian Center for Health and Safety offers an eCourse called “Personal Protective Equipment: The Basics” that provides “provides a practical introduction to the most common types of personal protective equipment (PPE) used to protect against common workplace hazards”. Visit the site »

Musicians Ear Plugs

Custom-fit hearing protection by Westone is available at Affinity Hearing for musicians, hunters, swimmers and motorcyclists. Visit the site »

Westone Ear Protection for Artists and Athletes

Affinity Hearing provides custom musician monitors, custom molded earphones for personal listening devices such as iPods, and headsets for racing and motorcyclists. Visit the site »

Better Hearing Institute

Better Hearing Institute provides a multitude of information regarding hearing loss, tinnitus, and resources for hearing impaired individuals.  Visit the site»

American Tinnitus Association

Millions of Americans with tinnitus(ringing or buzzing in the ears, head noises) face.  The American Tinnitus Association offers considerable helpful information.  Visit the site»