State of the art testing & innovative fittings allow us to offer personalied solutions for each patient.



Hearing Aids Minnesota

The results of the audiologic evaluation will determine the type and severity of hearing loss (i.e., nerve loss vs. conductive loss). If hearing loss is present and no medical condition exists, the audiologist may recommend a hearing aid or aids. There are a large number of hearing aids and hearing aid brands available today, each with a wide variety of features, styles, sizes and prices. Selecting the right hearing aid for you depends on several factors, including the degree and affected frequencies of your hearing loss, personal preferences for style and size, the features that will work best for your lifestyle, and your budget.

New to hearing aids? We encourage you to trial a pair at home for a few weeks. Use them in the environments you find yourself the most, and we will track that usage through state of the art software to customize a hearing solution just for you.