Success Stories & Testimonials

“For 33 years I have been wearing hearing aids. None have been pleasant or even adequate. Finding Steve Chargo changed the quality of my life. Phonak was the choice we made, but he made the Phonak suit me, with patience, skill and the most pleasant of surroundings and technology. Mr. Chargo provided me with the aids I actually enjoy. They are programmed for my life. They are also controllable enough to protect me from this noisy world. I am so much more engaged in my surrounding. To my surprise, I put them on as soon as I wake up in the morning and never take them off with the well known “I can’t wait to take these off”. They are amazing.

Bridget M.
Medina, MN

Hi Alden,

It was nice to meet you at Men’s Breakfast 12/10/08 and discuss your interest in my hearing aids and how your friend could benefit from hearing aids. The best company I found is located a few blocks west of Perkins where we met. Steve Chargo is the President of Affinity Hearing and he is outstanding at fitting you with the proper hearing aid for your particular needs. He is also competitively priced and his service after the sale is terrific. Enclosed is his brochure with his picture and phone number. He will do a great job for you.

Enclosed is the hearing aid presentation I gave to the Mens’s Breakfast Group over 1 year ago after I bought my hearing aids. I did a lot of research before I bought to make sure I had the best product available at the time for the best price. I thought that if I had to spend … my own money, I wanted to be sure of what I was buying. Hearing aids are available in a variety of price ranges. It depends upon what you need to correct your hearing loss and what your budget can afford.

Number one priority…find a very good Audiologist with a quality sound booth testing facility. I found some with homemade foam lined sound testing booths that were crude and would be difficult to have an accurate hearing test in. Make sure they are a true certified Audiologist with a 5 year degree and not just a hearing aid dispenser who is trying to pass themselves off as a certified Audiologist. I called 6, visited 3 and finally chose the most qualified with a professional sound booth, plus he is a nice guy.

They all sell several different manufacturers products so that they will have products that fit your particular hearing problem. If they are good…they will try to fit your with a product that will fit your needs….not what they make the most $$$ on.

I chose [hearing aids that] automatically manage/adjust to noise and noise environments (this eliminates almost all manual adjustments by your and I really like it), and greatly improve speech intelligibility. The ear clear plastic piece is molded to your ear and mine are an open loop design which almost eliminates itching and sweating.

Like all products there is some maintenance required. The small clear plastic tubes that go from the behind the ear piece to the in ear piece have to be changed by the Audiologist about every 3 months. Affinity Hearing does it FREE and provides FREE batteries for 3 years The unit used # 13 batteries and they last about 2 weeks but you have to turn off the units at night, which is very easy to do.

I bought a small dryer jar of pellets and store the hearing aids in there at night during rainy weather. The units are very sensitive to moisture so don’t wear them in the rain or shower.

Stay away from heavily advertised [single line companies] as they charge much more $$$ (30-40%) for similar products to pay for the advertising.

I hope this information is helpful..Call if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Bob B.

Dear Steve:

Thank you again for your excellent service and help on June 16th. I really appreciate the ability to get my ear plug speakers working again on such short notice. Please thank your staff for their assistance, hospitality and pleasant demeanor. The next day I rode the Minnesota 1000 and it was great to be listening out of both speakers throughout Minnesota, North and South Dakota and back to Michigan on Monday.

I am enclosing the information I mentioned on my visit. I have marked the page with the company that advertised in the magazine on a regular basis. It’s noteworthy that the BMW organization funs a mileage contest each year and the greatest concentration of long distance riders is located in Wisconsin and Minnesota, by a wide margin. My point is that you are located geographically for the prime part of this market. You can look over the rate and demographic mumbo jumbo and decide for yourself.

If you want any sort of testimonial or rider reference I would be glad to provide on. At 11:30 PM on Saturday night in South Dakota I chatted with a Minnesota rider, while changing a burned out headlight bulb, and he said that his molded ear plug (from another supplier) were uncomfortable so I gave him one of your business cards. He mentioned something that is a lot more common then most realize in that he said “I love those things for mowing the lawn”.

Thanks again for your help.

Wayne K.
Grayling, Michigan

My parents have worn hearing aids for as long as I can remember and have always complained about them. When I found that I too needed hearing aids, I was quite apprehensive. I was sure I would never be able to get devices that would work to my satisfaction. I did a lot of research regarding brands and costs and what to expect but just got more confused and frustrated.

Steve Chargo conducted a hearing exam, analyzed the results and then discussed my needs, wants, lifestyle and what I could afford before he even thought about making a recommendation for style and brand of hearing aid for me. Because of his obvious knowledge and experience,  I trusted his recommendations and followed them.

When my hearing aids arrived, we talked for a few minutes with my new hearing aids on, and then he turned them off and made some adjustments. I could not believe it, I had enjoyed hearing again so quickly, that I actually missed having them on, in that short time.

How much do I like them? Since the first day, I have only taken them off to sleep. I have used all of the programs and getting more comfortable about changing programs as situations arise.

As with anything new, there were a few small things that arose such as needing a fitting adjustment and a pin that was missing on a door on one hearing aid. I called Steve, he made time to see me almost immediately and he took care of fixing the issues and I did not lose one hour of use of my new hearing aids.

I found Steve Chargo to be extremely knowledgeable in all lines and forms of hearing devices. He was considerate and understanding of my level of anxiety. He took time to answer all of my questions and he never made me feel rushed or like I was imposing on his time. Steve is a true professional and a true gentleman.

My experience with Steve Chargo and Affinity Hearing has been extremely easy and enjoyable and my hearing aids are fantastic. For anyone seeking quality hearing devices and a quality, professional association for hearing care, I strongly recommend Affinity Hearing.


Peter B.

For a trial period I tried the leading brand’s digital CIC hearing aid for my left ear which has moderate hearing loss (I can’t hear women’s and children’s voices very well). The so called “leading brand” only worked well in face to face conversations in a quite setting and it did not provide any way to adjust its one setting. Every week I went in and had an adjustment because I was not happy with the way it performed. After wearing it for 3 weeks it completely stopped working and it had to be sent to the manufacturing plant on the East Coast and it took three weeks for them to fix it and send it back! When I got it back it still only worked well during face to face conversations in a quite (no background noise setting). It was like having a plug in my ear. I could not listen to music, it amplified wind noise when I drove the car, I could not stand wearing it in restaurants or in a noisy area, and at home I still turned the TV up to the point where my spouse and kids asked me to turn the volume down. After trying it for the trial period I returned it and got my most of my money back.

I did a web search and found a local Plymouth, Minnesota company called Affinity Hearing. They advertised that they performed state of the art hearing tests and that they made their own hearing aids at their office in Plymouth.

After explaining all of the problems I had with the so called “leading brand” I had my hearing tested, had a mold of my ear canal taken and the next day I picked up an Affinity digital CIC hearing aid which the audiologist, Steve Chargo, programmed with four (4) different hearing settings. I just tap a small button that is invisible on the outside of the hearing aid to change the settings to one of the following hearing situations:

  • When I press the button once I hear one beep it is perfect for every normal conversations and for meetings at work.
  • When I press the button again I hear two beeps and it is perfect for “heads down office work” as it only amplifies people’s who are very close to me, but it knocks out distant distracting conversations. I use this setting when I am driving the car too because it knocks out wind noise.
  • When I press the button again I hear three beeps it is the perfect setting for watching TV, listening to music or going to a symphony concert. The spouse and kids don’t complain about the TV being to load anymore!
  • When I press the button again I hear four beeps and is perfect for carrying on conversations with one or more people in a noisy restaurant. It does not amplify plates clanging and silverware being cleared from tables.

I forgot to mention that the CIC is almost impossible for anyone to see because the specialist at Affinity specialist makes the outer part of the hearing aid a shade of color darker than your skin color, so it looks like a shadow, not a hearing aid to someone who looks at your ear from the side. That “leading brand CIC” did not come with that color option and it was more visible. The audiologist also put a larger air vent hole in it so it isn’t like having a plug in my ear.

Finally, it cost me $800 less than what I paid for the “leading brand” and it work 10 times better! I highly recommend Affinity hearing aids to anyone who wants a state of the art hearing aid that really works in ALL work and life situations.

Steve F.
Plymouth, Minnesota

“I wanted to send you my personal thanks to you and the wonderful staff at Affinity Hearing. You all have made my ‘listening experience’ a pleasant one–one that is not stress related! I had given up the concept of actually being able to wear a hearing aid during my water exercise classes, swimming in a pool or chasing waves in the ocean with my grandchildren. Affinity has made this wish come true!

Thanks again for all your patience and help. It certainly was worth traveling out of state to Affinity for the wonderful products and service I received.”

Judy S.
Buffalo Grove, IL

Number one priorities…find a very good Audiologist with a quality sound booth testing facility. I found some with homemade foam lined sound testing booths that were crude and would be difficult to have an accurate hearing test in. Make sure they are a true certified Audiologist with a 5 year degree and not just a hearing aid dispenser who is trying to pass themselves off as a certified Audiologist. I called 6, visited 3 and finally chose the most qualified with a professional sound booth, plus he is a nice guy.