Hearing Protection

With today’s high noise levels, hearing protection is the BEST way to keep your hearing from getting worse. Whether you work in a noisy environment, use power tools at home, need protection from wind noise while motorcycling, or do any hunting or shooting, we recommend hearing protection to prevent further hearing loss.

Protect your hearing now, because once it’s gone, you can’t get it back! To learn more about hearing protection and how it can protect you from hearing loss, read our article on Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss.

Muff style earphonesMuff Style

Muff style hearing protectors are perfect for workplace, home, or recreational use. They work well for situations with short durations of noise as they can be put on and removed easily. This lightweight product features adjustable headband and very comfortable ear cushions.

Foam Disposable Ear PlugsFoam Disposable Ear Plugs

Foam disposable earplugs provide a comfortable alternative for those needing hearing protection on an occasional basis and don’t like so much bulk around their ears. They are inexpensive and can be extremely effective, when inserted correctly, at reducing noise levels.

Custom Ear Plugs from Affinity HearingCustom Ear Plugs

Custom earplugs are ideal for those people who must wear hearing protection on a regular basis. They also work well for those ears in which “one-size-fits all” is not appropriate. They are comfortable, durable, and easy to clean.  Affinity Hearing offers a variety of custom ear protection products, including custom earplugs, which can be made in the office in less than 15 minutes.

Custom Motorcycle EarplugsCustom Motorcyclist Ear Plugs

Custom motorcyclist earplugs designed primarily for wearing under a helmet to help eliminate wind noise. They are made of a soft vinyl material and feature a hollow canal style for greatest comfort.

Custom Hunters EarplugsHunters / Recreational Shooters Ear Plugs

Digital custom hunter’s earplugs made specifically for shooting sports and high impact noise situations. Remarkably accurate and fast digital circuitry delivers amplification for situational awareness and appropriate noise attenuation when you pull the trigger. Affinity hearing offers a wide variety of choices.

Musicians Ear Plugs from WestoneMusician’s Ear Plugs

Custom musician’s earplugs provide protection, while retaining the natural quality of sound. The flat attenuation characteristics allow the wearer to hear accurately – but at a safer volume. Musician’s ear plugs come in a variety of filter settings with up to 25 dB of noise reduction.

To learn more about hearing protection or to come in for a free hearing exam and evaluation, schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists today.