For the purposes of determining whether hearing aids are appropriate, we offer comprehensive hearing evaluations that include the following:

Fiber Optic Video Otoscope Exam

Hearing CheckYou’ll see inside your own ear canal on a color television monitor. The video otoscope gives us a large, very clear view of your ear canal and ear drum. Your hearing loss could be caused by something as simple an accumulation of ear wax. Through this quick procedure we can easily determine if there are any obstructions in your ear canal or whether there might be such middle ear problems like fluid or middle ear infections. Any time we find a potential problem, we refer our patients for the appropriate medical care. Our patients find this exam very interesting and it’s included as part of your free evaluation.

Hearing Evaluation


Our licensed audiologists will test your hearing in our sound-proof booth using our state-of-the-art electronic audiometer. This evaluation tests your ability to hear very soft sounds for a variety of tones, ranging from low pitch (bass) frequencies all the way up to high pitch (treble) frequencies. In addition, we test your speech understanding ability for words presented at a normal listening level.

The combination of the tone test plus the word recognition test helps us to determine the type of hearing loss you have (a nerve loss, for example) OR whether you might have a possible medical condition which would necessitate a referral to a medical specialist. In addition, from these tests, we can determine whether hearing aids would be of benefit as well as the type of hearing aid that would be best for you.




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