Musician Hearing Protection and In Ear Monitors

Steve Chargo, owner and audiologist at Affinity Hearing, Minneapolis, MN, attended a 14 hour training course at Sensaphonics world headquarters on May 20 and 21.  Musician hearing protection is a core value for Sensaphonics. Located in Chicago IL, Sensaphonics is a world class producer of hearing protection products for musicians. They are the premiere producer of Silicone In Ear Monitors, worn by many famous musicians.

During the training, Steve and other audiologists were able to attend a sound studio recording studio and take sound level measurements on the musicians.  These measurements indicated exposures of over 110 dB.  OSHA guidelines limit daily noise exposure to a maximum of 30 minutes.  Musicians often play for several hours  each day, meaning that they are at risk for hearing loss, when sound levels exceed 85 dB.  Use of earplugs and proper use of In Ear Monitors can greatly reduce this risk.

As a trumpet player (who also has permanent bilateral tinnitus and mild hearing loss), Steve fully understands the importance of hearing protection for musicians.  Many musicians suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus and this applies to all classes of musicians, from classical to Rock & Roll performers.  Affinity Hearing offers hearing assessments and consultations to musicians and offers customized hearing protection products, In Ear Monitors (IEM’s), and ear impression services.

All musicians should have a baseline audiogram (hearing test), be educated on the effects of long term noise/music exposure, and wear hearing protection when exposed to loud music and environmental noise.   Please call 763-744-1190 to schedule an appointment.

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