State of the art testing & innovative fittings allow us to offer personalized solutions for each individual.


Which Hearing Aids are best for me?

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After your evaluation, Dr.Stone will create a Hearing Care Plan that may include hearing aids.

Selecting the right hearing aids for you depends on many factors, including the degree and affected frequencies of your hearing loss, personal preferences for style and size, features that match your lifestyle and your budget. Dr. Stone will help guide you through these choices to find the best option for you.

New to hearing aids? We encourage you to take out a pair of demo devices. Use them in the environments you find yourself in the most, and we will track that usage through state of the art software to learn more about you and your listening situations.

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We partner with all of the top names in hearing instrumentation, which affords us the ability to match you with the best device for your needs, your lifestyle, your budget. 


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From streaming devices to remote controls we offer a variety of accessories for each of the hearing aid brands we partner with.

Unitron Remote Control RCV1 For Hearing Aids
Remote Control Hearing Aid Accessories 1
Remote Control Hearing Aid Accessories 2


We have all of the supplies you will want to maintain your hearing aids including batteries, filters, domes, and more. 

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Hearing Aid Domes

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Affinity Hearing carries only prescription fit, digital hearing aids.

We proudly provide solutions from the following hearing aid manufacturers:

Oticon Starkey Signia

Phonak Unitron Resound