Widex was founded in 1956 by the Danish families, Tøpholm and Westermann, who still own and run the company today. They employ around 1,500 staff around the world, of which more than 700 work in Denmark. Widex’s head office is located in Værløse, Denmark, which is where most of their research, development and administration are based, as well as most of their production. They also have an office located in New York, which covers services for North and Central America.

Widex has a complete range of hearing aids, in various levels of technology, for all degrees of hearing loss.

Premium Product

Clear 440 offers features such as an interear (between ears) speech enhancer that improves the sound of speech in background noise, 15 independent channels, and interear 3D TruSound System which improves sound quality and intelligibility. ZEN, a Widex-only patented program that comes standard in this level of technology, uses fractal technology to generate soothing harmonic tones and chimes which can aid in relaxation and may offer relief from tinnitus.

Midlevel Product

Clear 330 also offers speech enhancer and the Truesound System, however, without interear processing. This level offers 10 independent channels. The ZEN program is also available standard in the Clear 330 instruments.

Basic Product

Clear 220 offers 5 independent channels. ZEN is available, optionally at additional charge, on this level of technology.

Each level of technology comes equipped with the ability for an output extender, and a frequency lowering program designed to expand the range of audible sounds. This means that high-frequency inaudible speech and environmental sounds are lowed to regions of usable hearing. They also offer Smart Speak, which uses actual recorded speech to give wearers voice commands regarding various hearing aid functions.

Widex also has power products, for those with more profound hearing loss, in both the basic and premium levels.

All levels of technology are compatible with Widex’s wireless sound accessories.