Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Hearing Instruments: Overview by Manufacturer

Affinity Hearing carries all major brands of hearing aids, including LyricUnitron, Phonak, Resound, Siemens, Oticon, Starkey, Hansaton, Rexton, Sonic Innovations, Widex and others. To help you navigate the complex choices that are available, we have put together an overview of the products offered by each manufacturer.

As you review the following pages, please keep the following in mind:

  • Technology is constantly changing.  As a result most manufacturers introduce new products annually or bi-annually.  We will try to update this information regularly in order to keep it current and accurate.
  • To maintain consistency across brands, we have adopted this terminology to divide each manufacturer’s products into meaningful categories of technology:
    • Premium.  Premium products are the most advanced instruments that a manufacturer offers and have a price tag which will reflect this.  They are meant for people who live an active lifestyle, going from quiet places to noisy places, enjoy theater and music, etc.   They will do the best job in reducing background noise and automatically adapting to the listening environment.
    • Advanced.  Advanced products are also appropriate for individuals who live an active lifestyle.  Typically these hearing aids will automatically adjust to noisy situations and reduce some background noise.  Cost will be less than premium products.
    • Midlevel.  Midlevel instruments are meant for people who may not be extremely active, spending a majority of time in quiet environments.  There may be some automated functionality to reduce background noise.
    • Basic.  Basic level hearing aids are meant for budget-conscious individuals who live a quiet lifestyle.  They will have the ability to reduce some background noise, but typically the user will need to push a button when moving from a quiet to noisier environment.
    • Entry.  Entry level hearing aids will be the least expensive instruments, and are most appropriate for individuals who live quiet lifestyles and are on a very limited budget.
  • The term “channels” is used frequently as one of the differentiating features between technology levels for many manufacturers. In basic terms, channels are frequency bands, ranging from low to high, which may be adjusted by the audiologist when fitting hearing aids. Like a graphic equalizer, hearing aids with more channels can be more finely tuned to an individual’s hearing loss. Additionally, the most advanced and automatic features will be found in hearing aids that have more channels, possibly leading to more comfort and better sound quality in a variety of environments.
  • Digital hearing aids. Nearly all hearing aid manufacturers are producing exclusively (or nearly exclusively) digital hearing aids. A few manufacturers produce one or two analog models.  Because analog instruments are more and more difficult to find, and when are available, they represent “old” technology (over 10 years), we have elected to eliminate them from our product listing.  For more information about analog instruments, please feel free to call us at (763) 744-1190.

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

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